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Our law office is prepared to offer effective immigration law representation that does not compromise your privacy or your rights. The firm has assisted many individuals and / or families with immigration issues. We work aggressively to see that your rights aren't compromised while maintaining a balance of compassion when dealing with your immigration issues.


The Law Offices of David E. Rowe specialize in all aspects of U.S. Immigration Law including but not limited to employment and family-based immigration, options for investors & businesses, defending against deportation, release from detention, and other available yet relatively unknown forms of immigration relief.

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Permanent Residence, Citizenship, Work Permits, Professional Visas, Asylum, Waivers, Removals, Victims, Criminal Issues: all of the possible types of immigration-related cases, including those that other practitioners have failed to resolve, are successfully handled by the Law Offices of David E. Rowe.


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Non-Immigrant Visa

This area of immigration law concerns non-immigrants who enter the United States on a temporary basis.  Many visas for non-immigrants have no numerical restrictions and there are also special waivers for many otherwise inadmissible individuals.

The keys to obtaining a non-immigrant visa are twofold.  One, the applicant must be able to prove that the intended stay will be temporary.  Two, that there is a legitimate purpose for the visit to the United States.  Sometimes this purpose is personal (i.e. tourism or studying) and other times, it is for business.  There are many often overlooked details that are critical to being approved for a non-immigrant visa.  For example, the applicant must have a passport that will remain valid for six months beyond the period of expected stay.

Individuals who illegally remain in the United States after their period of stay expires may be deported and denied subsequent entry.  There are also numerous restrictions on activities while temporarily in the United States pursuant to a visa of this nature

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Family Based Immigration

Permanent Legal Residents and U.S. Citizens currently have the right to request that certain family members come join them in the United States.  The type of family relationship, as well as the petitioner’s current immigration status determines the availability of this process.

“Immediate relatives” have highest priority.  Immediate relatives are spouses and minor children (under age 21) of U.S. Citizens only.  The United States Citizenship & Immigration Service has established procedures for these and all other types of petitions.

Permanent Legal Residents may file petitions for spouses and their minor and adult unmarried children only, but U.S. Citizens may petition for spouses, minor and adult children (whether married or not), as well as for their parents, brothers and sisters.

In situations where individuals meet all of the criteria the process may be relatively simple; however, it is the determination of whether all of the criteria are properly met, as well the expertise in completing and submitting all of the necessary documentation where having an attorney will assist the immigration process.  Also, the length of time to complete the process often depends on properly submitting the necessary paperwork.

These are generally inexpensive matters for us to handle for you.  It would be our pleasure to provide a free consultation to evaluate your particular situation.  After reviewing the facts of your case we will then provide you a quote of all the costs involved and estimate the length of time required to bring your relative here to join you.

Please take advantage of our free consultation to answer any specific questions. We are available by phone or in the office at your convenience.

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Employment Based Immigration

Business immigration covers a wide range of issues.

On one side, this area of law involves assisting employers in the United States to bring talented workers into the country.  On the other side, it involves helping foreign entrepreneurs locate businesses or other types of investments in the United States.  We are proud of our successful record in the field of business immigration. When you retain us you receive the personal attention that can only be found in a small practice.  Individual attention and meticulous paperwork preparation is our commitment to each client.

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Naturalization and Citizenship

The status of being a United States Citizen is an honor and privilege.  Anyone born in the United States or in a U.S. territory is automatically an American citizen.  Most persons born to a parent who was an U.S. Citizen at the time were also automatically a U.S. Citizen at the time of his/her birth-no matter where they were born.  U.S. Citizenship may also be granted to foreign nationals upon application for naturalization.  Some individuals may also have automatically become a U.S. citizen at the time when one or more of their parents were granted U.S. citizenship through naturalization.

Frequently, individuals have problems establishing that they are U.S. Citizens.  In these cases the challenge is to find the proper proof regarding where a person was born, proof of the relationship to a U.S. Citizen parent as well as other documentation pertaining to the U.S. Citizen parent’s residences.  Locating this type of evidence is often more difficult than it would seem.

Even if you do not have a claim for U.S. Citizenship through your parent(s), Naturalization is the legal process of becoming a United States citizen available for all other lawful permanent resident individuals. The rules concerning both citizenship & naturalization are technical and applications must be carefully submitted.  Presenting false evidence and/or deliberately omitting evidence can result in a denial, deportation and even criminal prosecution.

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Deportation / Removal

The legal term for deportation is “removal”. It refers to the expulsion of a person from the United States due to a violation of immigration law. U.S. Citizens may not be deported.

Common reasons for deportation proceedings are the conviction of particular crime(s), illegal entry and overstaying after a visa expires. Hundreds of thousands of people are deported from the United States each year. Because deportation is not considered a criminal case, free lawyers are not provided for individuals facing deportation.

Deportation is not automatic. An individual facing deportation has a right to a hearing and appellate relief in most situations. Often deportation can be prevented when legal and/or equitable evidence is presented that proves hardship or other justification for a person to remain in the United States. Deportation defense is a specialized area of immigration law and often requires familiarity with criminal law as well as immigration laws.

If you need help regarding a deportation case you should call us. We will evaluate the facts, advise you of potential defenses and help arrange for a bond (bail) if possible. If we honestly believe we can help, we will quote you a reasonable fee. On the other hand, if relief is not available we will not take your hard-earned money.

Please take advantage of our free consultation to answer any specific questions. We are available by phone or in the office at your convenience.

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